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Every Pro-Tech Computer is Hand Built to Your Specifications
Find out how much more your dollar can buy!

About us

Locally owned and operated, we’ve built thousands of computers for business, industry, education, government, families and individuals since 1995.

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Interested in leasing your computers?

We can assist you in establishing a leasing program for all your computer needs.

Or, we’ll work with your bank or other financial institutions if you’ve already established a leasing arrangement.

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What Do We Do


We hand build computers custom designed to your specifications..

No Generics! We use only name branded and boxed parts, giving you extra warranty protection.

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Other Services
In addition to custom designed computers, we also provide computer upgrades, consulting, data recovery, computer leasing, network services, and laptop repair.

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Welcome to Protech Computers.

Find Out How Much Your Dollar Can Buy.