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Every Pro-Tech Computer is Hand Built to Your Specifications

No Generics! We use only name branded and boxed parts, giving you extra warranty protection.

No Close Outs! We build all our computers with the newest and most cost effective technology.  Fully Upgradeable Motherboards & Cases, never proprietary.

Find out how much more your dollar can buy!



Whether we’re building new, repairing, or upgrading. We always use quality components that represent the best value based on the latest technology.

If you have special needs or preferences, we will build your system with the exact components you request.

A few of our component suppliers are: AMD, IBM, Intel, Asus, Soyo, Toshiba, Creative Labs, Diamond, Yamaha, 3 Com, Microsoft, Logitech, Optiquest, Sony, Cybervision, Adaptech, Mitsumi, HP, Seagate and Iomega.


Call us and we’ll provide you with a firm price on the system that you want. We’ll also answer any questions you might have and make suggestions if you need them.

We are normally able to deliver or ship the system within 3 working days after receiving your order, depending on the complexity of the system and/or the availability of specific components.

All systems are burned-in and tested prior to delivery. We can give you an exact delivery date after receiving your order.



Interested in leasing your computers?

We can assist you in establishing a leasing program for all your computer needs.

Or, we’ll work with your bank or other financial institutions if you’ve already established a leasing arrangement.

Call us today and find out how easy it really is!










Welcome to Protech Computers.

Find Out How Much Your Dollar Can Buy.